Grants Awarded for 2014-2015

The Bonham Education Foundation is pleased to award funding for eight academic enrichment grants, totaling $4,990 for the 2014-2015 school year.  The funded projects included:

  • $146 to Finley Oates second grade for Nature Day
  • $422 to Bailey Inglish for Science Day Camp
  • $500 to Finley Oates second grade to attend Seussical the Musical at Denison High School
  • $981 to Bonham High School English Department for Independent Reading program for 9th and 11th grades
  • $598 to Bonham High School Trails program for Unique Learning Systems
  • $355 to Finley Oates Kindergarten for a field trip to see the play Cinderella performed at Grayson County College
  • $1000 to Finley Oates Elementary for a first grade field trip to the Elves Farm Pumpkin Patch
  • $988 to IW Evans Science Dept for Eye in the Sky Telescope

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