Grants Awarded 2017

The Board of the Bonham Education Foundation was pleased to grant the following awards for academic enrichment in Bonham ISD in the spring of 2017:

  • $1,000 to Finley-Oates for Nessy Reading
  • $324 to Finley-Oates for Kindergarten Museum Field Trip-Harber
  • $500 to IW Evans for 4th Grade Field Trip to the Rough Rider
  • $150 to IW Evans for Brave Girls Club
  • $1,000 to LH Rather Junior High for Engaging History Lessons
  • $500 to LH Rather Junior High for Building Better Readers
  • $500 to LH Rather Band for Tuners
  • $1,000 to Bonham High School for Math Algebraic Reasoning; TI 84+ Graphing Calculators
  • $500 to Bonham High School Band for Better Sound through Individual Tuning

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