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2015 Texas Scholars

Congratulations to the 2015 Texas Scholars at Bonham High School.  The Bonham Education Foundation was pleased to be able to honor the Seniors who earned Texas Scholars recognition at a special luncheon in their honor and present them each a medal to wear during their graduation ceremony.

2015 Texas Scholars:
Cheyenne Abbott
Alexis Anderson
Edna Cruz Mata
Breanna Cryst
Madeline Dolberry
Allison Foster
Eliud Gonzalez
Marco Hernandez
Kasi Holcomb-Webb
Kaylie Knipe
Daniel Loredo Galicia
Jacy Martin
Karli McKelva
Hannah Monroe
Jae Park
Logan Rattan
Audra Romans
Angelica Smith
Clay Stephens
Kelsey Watkins
Madeline Wells


Academic Excellence 2014

On November 17, 2014, the Bonham Education Foundation was pleased to award Academic Excellence Awards to students at Bonham High School who maintained a 4.0 grade point average for the previous year.

Congratulations to the following students:

Class of 2015

Abbott, Jennifer
Adams, Colton
Anderson, Alexis
Book, Tyler
Butcher, Nathan
Cruz Mata, Edna
Cryst, Breanna
Dennis, Savannah
Dolberry, Madeline
Foster, Allison
Garcia Renteria, Ana
Gonzalez, Eliud
Griffis, Raymond
Griggs, Daccheous
Guymon, Jacquelyn
Hernandez, Marco
Hill, Caleb
Holcomb-Webb, Kasi
Hoops, Andrew
Jenkins, Monica
Keenan, Steven
Kennedy, Kendall
Knipe, Kayli
Kurus, Nicholas
Lappin, Alexis
Longoria Martinez, Aide
Loredo Galicia, Daniel
Manis, Kenton
Martin, Jacy
McDonald, Troy
McKelvi, Karli
Monroe, Hannah
Nichols, Sidney
Park, Jae
Parsons, Ty
Porter, Madison
Prado, Betsy
Prock, Jared
Rattan, Logan
Roberts, Anthony
Romans, Audra
Sewell III, Kenneth
Smith, Angelica
Solano Salas, Jorge
Steele, Catlin
Stephens, Clay
Voorheis, Nicholas
Watkins, Kelsey
Wells, Madeline
Wood, Chelsea

Class of 2016

Aguilera, Angel
Babers, Monty
Besch, Alexis
Campbell, Rachel
Carter, Alexandra
Clark, Jimmy
Coldiron, Ty
Colley, Brian
Compton, Jerika
Copeland, Kyle
Davidson, Trevor
Delgado Martinez, Miriam
Edwards, Amanda
Edwards, Megan
Felmet, Haley
Fields, Joseph
Fulmer, Hannah
Galarza, Loraina
Hernandez, Brittania
Hill, Khanezia
Hubenthal, Nicholas
Ibarra Cruz, Sandra
Kissling, Tad
Kissling, Tyce
Lancaster, Carmen
Longoria Cardoza, Jose
Martinez, Airam
McRae, Jesse
Miller, Amber
Nichols, Karen
Orsak, Alexis
Porter, Erika
Porter, Katy
Ramirez, Ashley
Sewell, Deris
Smallwood, Corey
Williamson, David
Wilson, Austin
Woodruff, Ashley
Wynters, Draven

Class of 2017

Aranday, Denise
Bewley, Melissa
Buckaloo, Trevor
Cary, Brooke
Chaghani, Anwar Ali
Davis, Romare
Dobbels, Carleigh
Dunigan, Jessie
Easley, Joshua
Escalante Renteria, Atziri
Givens, Asia
Hartwell, Corey
Johnson, Grace
Jordan, Clairee
Kirkpatrick, Logan
Lane, Amy
Lappin, Madalyn
Leftrick, Megan
Lemus Martinez, Estela
Martinez, Silvia
McDonald, Evan
Miller, Brandon
Nichols, Brady
Owens, Thomas
Peeler, Jett
Pratt, Shelby
Rodriguez, Francisco
Sacco, Madison
Sewell, Sidney
Simmerman, Austin
Speck, Alayna
Sulley, Kaylen
Torres, Pedro
Trompler, Kade
Watkins, Ashley
Wilson, Evan

Grants Awarded for 2014-2015

The Bonham Education Foundation is pleased to award funding for eight academic enrichment grants, totaling $4,990 for the 2014-2015 school year.  The funded projects included:

  • $146 to Finley Oates second grade for Nature Day
  • $422 to Bailey Inglish for Science Day Camp
  • $500 to Finley Oates second grade to attend Seussical the Musical at Denison High School
  • $981 to Bonham High School English Department for Independent Reading program for 9th and 11th grades
  • $598 to Bonham High School Trails program for Unique Learning Systems
  • $355 to Finley Oates Kindergarten for a field trip to see the play Cinderella performed at Grayson County College
  • $1000 to Finley Oates Elementary for a first grade field trip to the Elves Farm Pumpkin Patch
  • $988 to IW Evans Science Dept for Eye in the Sky Telescope

Seeking New Board Members

The Bonham Education Foundation is seeking additional board members.  Currently, we have only five board members.  If you are interested in supporting excellence in education at Bonham ISD, then contact one of our board members or come to our next meeting.  We will meet at 5 pm on Monday, Sept 8 at McClanahan & Holmes offices at 1400 W Russell in Bonham.  Current board members include President Jan Woodruff, Treasurer Steven Mohundro and members Monica Kissling, Sophia Dyson and Sandy Barber.

2014 College Scholarships

The Bonham Education Foundation is pleased to annually awards scholarships to graduating Bonham High School students to help in funding tuition for colleges and universities.

We were pleased to award 7 scholarships totaling $4,000 to the class of 2014 at Bonham High School.

Students awarded 2014 scholarships include:

$1,000 – Jordan Speck
$600 – Erin Dona
$600 – Kaleb Boehm
$600 – Katie Barber
$400 – Myryha Patton
$400 – Carly Biggers
$400 – Ashlea Ashlock

2014 Texas Scholars

The Bonham Education Foundation is pleased to announce the 2014 Texas Scholars from Bonham High School.

On May 19, 2014, 22 Seniors were recognized at a luncheon.  Each seniors was presented with a certificate and a medal.  They were encouraged to wear the medal during their graduation ceremony.

Texas Scholars Seniors for 2014:
Ashlea Ashlock
Katie Barber
Nancy Bautista
Carly Biggers
Dustin Boatright
Kaleb Boehm
Chrysanna Craig
Destiny Dills
Erin Dona
Matthew Gregory
Hayden Higginbotham
Emily Mccutcheon
Daisy Montano
Myryha Patton
Kelsey (Alex) Pennington-Harrison
Kayla Sanmann
Kala Simpson
Cheyenne Sisk
Kendall Smith
Jordan Speck
Reid Strickland
David Wood

Juniors, sophomores and freshmen earning Texas Scholars recognition were recognized at the All School Awards Ceremony on May 22, 2014 and presented with a certificate.

31 Juniors:
Colton Adams
Nathan Butcher
Savannah Dennis
Madeline Dolberry
Allison Foster
Eliud Gonzalez
Raymond Griffis
Marco Hernandez
Kasi Holcomb-Webb
Kendall Kennedy
Kayli Knipe
Daniel Loredo
Kenton Manis
Jacy Martin
Jaqualla Mason
Troy Mcdonald
Karli McKelva
Hannah Monroe
Jae Park
Madison Porter
Logan Rattan
Audra Romans
Juan Salazar
Kenneth (Trey) Sewell III
Angelica Smith
Jessica Smith
Clay Stephens
Holly Upke
Nicholas Voorheis
Kelsey Watkins
Madeline Wells

20 Sophomores:
Angel Aguilera
Alexis Besch
Rachel Cambell
Nicholas Capehart
Kyle Copeland
Brittania Hernandez
Khanezia Hill
Nicholaus Hubenthal
Cole Johnson
Tad Kissling
Tyce Kissling
Jesse McRae
Amber Miller
Alexis Orsak
Erika Porter
Katy Porter
Ashley Ramirez
David Williamson
Austin Wilson
Ashley Woodruff

29 Freshmen:
Denise Aranday
Trevor Buckaloo
Brooke Cary
Anwar Ali Chaghani
Ally Dobbles
Jessie Dunigan
Joshua Easley
Ruth Gainzar
Asia Givens
Savanna Glaser
Desirea Goodman
Grace Johnson
Logan Kirkpatrick
Amy Lane
Megan Leftrick
Silvia Martinez
Evan McDonald
Brandon Miller
Brady Nichols
Garrett Osborn
Cole Owens
Dalton Parfait
Mariana Perez
Madison Sacco
Sidney Sewell
Austin Simmerman
Alayna Speck
Kade Trompler
Ashley Watkins




Texas Scholars & College Scholarships 2014

The Bonham Education Foundation will be honoring high achieving students in several ways in May 2014.  Texas Scholars

The Foundation is proud to host a luncheon for the seniors who have met the requirements for Texas Scholars recognition.  The luncheon will be on May 19.  Invitations will be given at school to seniors who have met the requirements and mailed to their parents.

Foundation board members will present Texas Scholars certificates at the Bonham High School All School Awards Ceremony on May 20 to the freshmen, sophomores and juniors who have met the requirements.

The Foundation will award college scholarships to graduating seniors of Bonham High School at the Senior Awards Ceremony on May 27.